8 Mother's Day Gift Ideas for the Traveling Mom

8 Mother's Day Gift Ideas for the Traveling Mom

Do you have a Mom or Mom-like figure in your life who loves to travel?

If so, here's your friendly reminder that Mother's Day is coming up in the U.S. - Sunday, May 9th, 2021. It's the perfect time to show some extra special appreciation by gifting her something she can utilize on her next adventure! Here are 8 Mother's Day Gift Ideas for the Traveling Mom:

1. A Photobook

Compile all your Mom's best travel photos and make a photobook out of them! All her best adventure memories will be captured together in one place for her to look back on whenever she needs a mood boost or inspiration to plan her next getaway.

2. Carry-on Bag

Whether she's a long-time member of #teamcarryononly or she's trying to convert to a life of light traveling, she can always appreciate a new carry-on. Something like the Modern Voyage TruPak backpack or an Away suitcase with lots of compartments to keep her organized but simple and stylish enough to make her feel like the queen she is on vacation. 

3. Passport Cover

Help her keep one of her most important possessions for traveling safe with a passport cover gift. They come in all different types of styles and colors and features like RFID blocking to keep her passport and other travel documents safe, secure, and organized when on the go.

4. Reversible Travel Clothing

We don't want to see our Moms struggle on vacation, especially when it's a time they should be relaxing and having fun. Make the packing and getting to and from her destination easier by gifting her some SPLICE clothing reversible travel clothing or a SPLICE clothing gift card. She can pack just a few items to keep her suitcase nice and light and still have tons of cute and practical outfit options that she can feel confident in while she explores. 

5. Travel Accessories

Does she need a few other items to complete her travel ensemble? Some lightweight shoes to keep her comfortable while meandering around a new city all day perhaps, or maybe a stuffable travel pillow to allow her to pack an extra couples items of clothing and keep her neck stable while sleeping on the plane? Or what about a packable wool hat to keep her face shaded on her trip? All would be good options for a mom who values comfort and style while traveling.

6. Event tickets

Is your Mom a fan of a particular sports team, musician, or live show? Tickets to an event she's been dying to see might be a perfect Mother's Day gift (especially if they involve a little travel too). This might take a little coordination to make sure she's available to go to said event, but the extra planning will be well worth it in the end to make her dream come true!

7. Travel Giftcard

You can't go wrong with a gift card - especially if you know your Mom's travel preferences. There are so many different types to choose from like flight gift cards for her favorite airline, accommodations gift cards for Airbnb, Booking.com, or her favorite hotel chain, or even gift cards for theme parks like Disneyland or Universal Studios. She will be giddy at the idea of planning her next getaway thanks to you!

8. A Trip!

Lastly, you could surprise your Mom with a whole trip! How excited will she be to find out you planned an epic adventure for her! You can go together for some Mother-Child bonding time, send her on a relaxing vacay with her significant other, or even a solo adventure!


If your Mom is a traveler, one of these gift ideas would be absolutely perfect for Mother's Day! Let her know you love and appreciate her by supporting her love of travel with something you know she will use on her next adventure. 

What did you get your traveling Mom for Mother's Day?

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Mother's Day Gift Ideas

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