At SPLICE clothing, we believe packing light makes the adventure easy.

That’s why we're dedicated to creating the most compact, functional, and versatile apparel that earns its space in any adventurous girl's curated travel wardrobe.

Our mission is to inspire female travelers to pursue adventure with confidence and a carry-on.

But why a carry-on?

Traveling carry-on only saves time and money, is more convenient, and allows travelers to avoid a lot of unnecessary frustration. Packing light makes the adventure easy so you can spend more of your trip enjoying the experiences and making memories.

Everyone’s idea of adventure looks different. Whether you're backpacking around the world, #vanlife-ing across the country, exploring cities as a digital nomad, or just getting away for a week or two, SPLICE clothing can help you pursue those adventures with confidence and a carry-on.

Our debut collection of reversible, travel-friendly styles that help female travelers pack light and adventure easy will be available for pre-sale orders starting January 3, 2020. Join our email list for updates, exclusive discounts, and adventure inspo!

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