Empire Reversible Leggings

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  • Reversible from black to cityscape print
  • Front and back waistband pockets
  • Built-in elastic band in back pocket to keep leggings neatly rolled
  • Quick drying
  • Moisture wicking
  • Fabric Content: 39% Nylon + 36% Polyester + 25% Spandex
  • Weighs 6.3-10 ounces


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2 ready for takeoff styles in 1, these reversible leggings can reverse from classic black to a New York City inspired cityscape print in less than a New York minute.

What doesn't get packed in your bag can fit in two large waistband pockets (basically built-in money belts) in the front and back that are large enough to fit an iPhone 12 Pro Max, your passport, credit cards, cash, hotel keys, etc. - anything you want to keep securely on your body and off limits to pickpockets.

On the rare occasion you aren't wearing them, they roll up neatly and can be secured with the elastic band located in the back waistband pocket so they don't unroll when you're packing or rummaging through your bag. They are so compact, they take up less space than your water bottle. 

Mix and match with the Empire Reversible Bra Top for a full activewear look or wear them with a cozy sweatshirt for the ultimate comfortable sightseeing outfit.

Wear it 2 Ways:

  1. Cityscape print
  2. Black

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 9 reviews
    My new favorite leggings!

    It’s one thing to be satisfied with one pair of leggings, but to get two for the price of one?? AMAZING! These are so soft and fit me so well. Perfect for any tip where you’ll be hiking or spending time outside!


    I was a little scared about buying the empire capsule being older & not having the girlish figure I once had but I'm so happy I did. It's so comfy. I love the colors. And where some leggings show everything unflattering these dont. They look great. They feel great. I'm thinking about buying another capsule in the other color!!! These 2 pieces are great for anyone. Young & old. Thin or fluffy. I definitely recommend you find out for yourself how awesome this capsule is!!!!

    Softest and cutest leggings!

    I love how they’re reversible and the color combo! I feel so confident and flexible wearing them. I’d recommend them 100%

    Leggings that exceed all expectations

    These have become my favorite leggings for a number of reasons. The fabric choice is terrific. It is incredibly soft, has just the right amount of spandex/compression, and it washes beautifully. The cut of the leggings is flattering and the length is perfect, even for a tall (5'9") woman like myself. The waistband pockets are really well designed. I own other brands of leggings with waistband pockets, but they are all either too small, too bulky, or both. These waistband pockets can fit a large phone and/or a small wallet comfortably. And the fact that these leggings are reversible, with a print on one side, makes them so versatile for travel. I have the Sonic Gray and it goes with everything in my travel wardrobe. The bonus of the built in elastic band inside the pocket, so that you can secure them when you roll them up, is pure genius! I really love these leggings! Normally I wear a size 10 jeans and in the Empire Reversible Leggings (and also the Phoenix Reversible Joggers) I am comfortable in a size XL.

    So soft. I could live in these....

    I love my Empire Reversible leggings. The colors are much more distinctive than is visible virtually. They are fun and beautiful. These are so soft on the body and easy to move in. The pockets are much bigger than I imagined (would love some kind of closure for the pockets- maybe a couple of snaps or tiny zipper). I thought with the layers this would be too warm but I live in the high desert and love the comfort both how warm and cool at the right times. I was worried that the softness would make these less durable but I tripped over a rock on a hike in the mountains and there is no hole- no mark at all! These will be great for layering, also. I will purchase more as gifts. These are so heavenly!

    Why reversible clothing?

    It makes the adventure easy!

    Feel confident in functional, comfortable, and stylish outfits without having to overpack. With SPLICE clothing, the outfit options are endless.