Every piece of SPLICE clothing has two or more styles 'spliced' together that can be mixed and matched to multiply the amount of outfit options you can take on your trip.

We're big believers in packing light because you're able to be more agile, waste less precious time, save more money, and make the adventure all around easier.

easy pack

Lightweight, reversible options make packing light a breeze. No need to carry and pay for a heavy bag, or wait for it at baggage claim. Each piece has 2 or more different looks.

easy wear

Comfortable and full of travel-friendly features like functional pockets and wrinkle resistant and moisture wicking fabrics that mix and match, so you can explore in comfort and style.

easy care

Don't stress about taking care of your items while away - most items are both machine and hand washable, quick drying, and come with snaps instead of buttons so you'll never have to sew one back on.

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Isn't it time for you to join #TeamCarryOnOnly so you never have to drag a heavy bag around, wait for it at baggage claim, pay extra to check it, and chance having the airline lose it?

Adventures are far too short to go through all of that!


The materials are high quality and soft to the touch. These pieces are so well thought out. And practical. The tags are easy to remove which is welcomed!


Just tried on the joggers and I swear it's the comfiest stretch band I've had around my pregnant belly in a minute now.


I love the joggers! Great quality, hits the perfect spot at my waist, love the colors and looks great both ways! The dress is super cute too! I love the ease of the material and the way it falls.


"He who must travel happily must travel light."

- Antoine de Saint-Exepéry

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