Pack Light Gear: Packing Cubes

Pack Light Gear: Packing Cubes

Packing light involves more than just versatile travel clothing. It also includes having lightweight and functional gear, accessories, toiletries, and anything else you intend to bring while traveling. In this installment of Pack Light Gear, we're covering none other than packing cubes!

What exactly are packing cubes you might be asking?

Packing cubes are zippered rectangular bags that are used to compress, save space, and keep items you're packing more neat and organized within a larger bag or suitcase. 

I preach about using packing cubes to every traveler I know because they're perfect for keeping your belongings tidy and easy to find in a jiffy. When you're temporarily living out of a backpack or suitcase while traveling, it's important to know where everything is so you can quickly and efficiently locate it without having to unpack every single little thing!

And the best part is, they don't add any weight or bulk to your luggage - in fact, they help you condense and compress your clothing! They also allow you to create a packing organization system that works for you so you know exactly where everything is. Examples of packing systems would be: by type of clothing (ex. all tops in one packing cube and all bottoms in another) or by outfit (ex. shirt, pants, sweater, socks, undergarments all in one).

Even before I was a light packer, I knew the power of packing cubes and used them for my Round the World backpacking trip - and they were seriously a lifesaver! Now, I never pack for a trip without them. Coupled with my Tube as a multi-functional travel pillow and extra personal item, I can conquer any trip and any packing list without having to overpack!


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