Tube Travel Pillow

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The Only Travel Pillow You Stuff With Clothes!

The Tube Travel Pillow Provides Extra Storage Space Without Extra Fees  

The easy-to-use Tube provides extra storage without extra fees to help you and your stuff get where your going with less hassle. Just stuff it, clip it to your purse, carry-on, backpack, motorcycle – and go.

The Tube is Not Your Average Travel Pillow. Use it For Everyday Adventures

The Tube is a great travel pillow in planes, trains and cars. It can also serve as a hands-free tote when you hike, bike, ski, motorcycle, sightsee – you name it.

Customer Reviews

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What a great idea!

I look forward to all the different ways I plan to use this pillow-tube. I plan to use this when traveling on trains, buses and airplanes as a pillow with an extra set of clothes. I also plan to use this when I am staying in one place for a few months but want to have an adventure for a few days and do not plan to take my one backpack. Also, I can fit my 'cloth-blanket-wrap' in this tube and have it nearby and clean when I need it. Love that I can attach this to my carry-on but not have it count as another bag... it is my neck pillow! Love how creative all my items from this company are... how much fun is this!

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