Why You Should Get Into the Habit of Traveling Light

Why You Should Get Into the Habit of Traveling Light

It's safe to say we've all heard the saying "less is more" at least once. This factual proverb may typically refer to an artist's aesthetic, but it can apply to packing for a trip as well. Getting into the habit of traveling light has so many benefits - before, during, and after a trip. Here are just a few of the ways I have found packing light to be a beneficial addition to my travel habits:

Less to Stress About

Traveling is stressful enough as it is. You're heading to an unfamiliar place after all (but hey, that's half the fun)! Now imagine that coupled with the inconvenience from lugging around a heavy suitcase stuffed with, well...stuff. When you have less belongings to keep track of, you decrease your chances of losing something - or worse, the airline losing your baggage. When you pack carry-on only, you don't have to stress about this scenario because your things are with you at all times. Call me crazy but the concept of being worried 24/7 on vacation just doesn’t seem like a good time. Alleviate your worries by traveling light with only what you need. 

Focus on What You Truly Need

Being prepared is one thing, it’s good to be ahead of any foreseeable problem during your trip. But being ready for every potential scenario is impossible. If you do your research and come prepared for the weather and activities you'll be doing, chances are you won't need to overpack. When you're able to relax and focus on the adventure instead of the baggage, you start to get a clearer picture of what you truly need {on your trip and in life}. It's very freeing and I bet you'll be surprised at how little it really is.

More Time for Exploring

Packing and re-packing take up precious time on a trip. Not to mention choosing what to wear when you have an over abundance of choices to pick from. Streamline your Travel Capsule Wardrobe and therefore your luggage and you'll save yourself valuable time on the mundane, everyday tasks and instead have more time to use for exploring. Making light travel a habit means you can be more spontaneous and follow all the whims your heart desires since you won't need to use much brain power keeping track of all your things. 

Leave Room Adventure

As a light traveler, you won't let your weigh you down or hold you back from any fun. You get to grab and go and be off on your next adventure in the blink of an eye. Your focus is on your destination, not material things you can worry about back at home. Unexpected adventures will be your specialty! And if you want to bring a piece of that adventurous memory back with you, you'll be grateful for a little extra space you have to keep it safe and sound and not an extra burden to worry about.

Save Money 

Overall, it’s less expensive and less wasteful than bringing everything but the kitchen sink. You’ll thank yourself for packing light when you walk into the airport and get to skip past the check-in desk and straight to security without having to pay any extra fees just to take a few more pounds of clothing. That extra cash can instead be used on some exquisite meals, exciting activities, or an upgraded accommodation - much better use of your funds if you ask me.


Forming a new habit takes time, patience, and practice. But the habit of traveling light is one you are bound to never regret. Think of the inconveniences that come from lugging around heavy bags that you filled to the brim. Baggage carousel after a long flight? Forget it. Airline losing your stuff? Not a chance. Exhaustion from pulling and carrying too much stuff all around? Not anymore. Putting fun on the back burner just because you have heavy bags that you filled to the brim just isn't the answer. By getting in the habit of traveling light from the get-go, you're all ready to well, get going!  

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 Why You Should Get into the Habit of Traveling Light

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