Why You Should Consider Bringing a Film Camera Everywhere

Why You Should Consider Bringing a Film Camera Everywhere

Photography is a universal hobby most individuals dabble in, whether it be taking a picture of your recent meal, the sunset, or pictures of your friends--photos have the power to encapsulate emotions and memories. However, sometimes a phone just doesn’t cut it, a physical photograph just hits different. That feeling of going through your belongings and just coming across a picture that reminds you of that one time your friend did that one thing--that’s a feeling I don’t want to let go of. 

Film photography itself has multiple avenues to go about doing, there are point-and-shoots that are as simple as it sounds, and SLR cameras that give the photographer more control over the technical aspects of photography. And even then--a polaroid allow for instant gratification in a pocketable format. There’s a lot of different types of film cameras that span from dirt cheap to the enthusiast-grade. Just from the selection alone, there’s a camera for every budget imaginable. 

The film look has been emulated a multitude of times, there are apps and Adobe Lightroom presets that seeks to simulate the aesthetic of 35mm film, but nothing beats the real deal. There’s the warm natural look of Kodak Portra 400 or the cool tones of Cinestill 800t. There’s versatility in variation for film stocks, but admittedly, prices have been steadily climbing up. 

Lastly, it’s easy--anyone knows how to take a photo, the only hard part of it is composing a frame and being at the right place at the right time. I can’t even count how many times I’ve regretted not having a point-and-shoot in my back pocket when I saw something unimaginable. And just having that memory that’s yours means a lot--it’s your art, experiences, and life that you created. There’s not much effort needed to accomplish that but the reward is priceless. 

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