Why Packing Light is a Healthier Way to Travel

Why Packing Light is a Healthier Way to Travel

It’s not news that the global pandemic is making travel a lot harder than it used to be, but the pack light lifestyle aims to make getting from one place to another a little bit easier. By bringing less and focusing on the adventure, you'll have the ability to relax, take it all in, and experience all the health benefits that come with packing light.

Easier on your body

Because you’re not bringing as many things with you during your travels, there’s less strain on your body. The Georgetown Health Policy Institute actually states that back problems are one of the most frequent reasons why Americans visit their doctors. Lugging around a heavy backpack and dragging around a hefty suitcase will definitely do a number on your body. When you pack light, you're literally taking the load off your body, giving you less to worry about physically in both the long-term and the short-term.

Easier on your mind

Along with the physical strain, there's mental strain when you travel too. There are itineraries, safety precautions, addresses, restaurant recommendations, flight numbers, and a million other things running through your mind that you might not need to think about on a daily basis while at home. Just being in the airport itself can sometimes be stressful. Save yourself the extra worry and concern by not checking a bag - then you'll never even have to consider what to do if the airline looses your luggage and how much time and stress you'll waste on a situation that could have been avoided if you just traveled with a carry-on. A bonus is that it'll take you less time to pack and re-pack and you'll get to skip the baggage claim carousel altogether and get right to the fun parts of traveling.

Easier for COVID protocols

Now that there’s a global pandemic still affecting our lives right now, you can't just take off without packing certain equipment. Being able to have space for multiple spare masks and hand sanitizer will help fend off the virus and keep you and those you come in contact with safer as you travel. And not checking your bag at the airport means less people handling your belongings and less unknown surfaces it has to touch. You are able to control where your bag is and are able to keep it clean and sanitized more often to prevent transmission. 

Easier on the environment

Along with the pandemic putting our health at risk, the planet itself is facing numerous threats. However, a little goes a long way when it comes to the pack light community. There’s power in numbers, and if everyone chooses to pack light, we can create a healthier and safer environment by putting less strain on the Earth. Here's why:

  • There’s less emissions from airplanes and vehicles when they're lighter
  • Multi-use and multi-purpose items prevent waste and keep single use items out of landfills - reduce, reuse, recycle!
  • Capsule wardrobes make for less clothes to wash, saving on water and electricity

Packing light is definitely a lifestyle that aims to make life on the go easier by having fewer mental and physical problems to worry about. When you travel, your mind should be occupied with excitement instead of stress. By packing light with SPLICE clothing reversible travel clothing and/or a capsule wardrobe, you focus on the essentials instead of clogging up your trip with unnecessary things. Gone are the days where you feel the need to overpack to have enough different outfits for a trip. You'll find that this healthier way of traveling will make some of the difficulties of traveling all but disappear. 

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Why Packing Light is a Healthier Way to Travel 

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