The 2020 Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for Travelers

The 2020 Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for Travelers

The holidays are fast approaching and so is holiday travel season! Not sure what to get the female adventurer in your life? With this helpful guide you’ll be prepared and ready to tackle holiday gifts easily. No, I'm not lying - that would put me on the naughty list!

1. Stuffable Travel Pillow

Tube Travel Pillow

Add comfort to her adventures with a travel pillow that isn't filled with unnecessary fluff (literally). Instead, gift her a useful pillow that she can stuff with her own clothes! The Tube Travel Pillow provides extra storage space without the extra fees and the Flight Fillow allows you to turn any sweater, hoodie, or jacket into a comfy pillow. Both of these options are machine washable and are super lightweight when not filled with clothes - making for a much for convenient option for carry-on travelers and roadtrippers alike!

2. Cairo Reversible Poncho Wrap

Cairo Reversible Poncho Wrap

Whether she's flying to Cairo or just a few hours away to visit family, you can't go wrong with giving something cozy and soft. Clothes can be a hard present to give because of sizing, but the best part about the Cairo Reversible Poncho Wrap is that it is One Size! So you won't offend her and won't need to provide a gift receipt for the size exchange. Not to mention that it's reversible, so you're really gifting her two presents in one! 

3. Carry-On Cocktail Kit 

Carry-On Cocktail Kit


If she's the type to get a little anxious on flights, chances are she would appreciate a little cocktail to calm down onboard. A carry-on cocktail kit is the perfect remedy to a stressful flight, and it'll fly right through security (pun absolutely intended). Not only can she practice mixology from 30,000 feet in the air, but she can carry it with her almost anywhere for a quick drink, whenever it might come in handy. But shhh, don't tell Santa!

4. OTBT Camile Sneakers

OTBT Camile Sneakers

No matter where she's off to next, chances are she'll need shoes to get there. And this versatile sneaker by Off The Beaten Track offers comfort and lightness with each step that will leave her thanking you over and over again. The style combines sporty and cute into one shoe so she can match it with whatever outfits she's packed. And they have multiple colors to choose from as well as other styles made for strutting through the airport if this sneaker isn't the right fit for her.

5. Scratch Off Map

Scratch Off Map

Help her keep track of all the amazing destinations she's traveled to with a big scratch off map she can display for everyone to see. There are a variety of colors and styles to choose from, so you can't really go wrong. Plus having a map that displays everywhere she's already been will help her plan future trips and reminisce about her favorite adventurous memories while she's not traveling. Win-win!

6. The In-Flight Capsule

SPLICE clothing In-Flight Capsule

Are her frequent flyer miles adding up? Might be time to invest in a Capsule travel wardrobe for her to simplify packing and dressing for her constant travels. The In-Flight Capsule includes 5 pieces of reversible clothing that can create dozens of outfit combinations without the need to overpack. Each Capsule can be customized to pick the ideal colors and sizes for each traveling woman in your life. You don't even have to tell them that you saved a little money by purchasing a Capsule! Just remind them how much space & time they'll save with it now!

7. Modern Voyage TruPak Backpack

Modern Voyage TruPak Backpack

Does she want to convert to #teamcarryononly but hasn't committed to a carry-on bag yet? Enter the Modern Voyage TruPak Backpack. This bag meets the requirements for an airline carry-on, so it can hold everything she needs on a plane (including a laptop and tablet) while keeping her organized. There are a multitude of zippered pockets as well as 3 removeable mesh compartments for storing all her travel essentials. What better way to motivate her to pack light than to give her a bag that makes it easy to do so?

8. Giftcards for Future Trips

What better way to spoil her this season than to surprise her with the guarantee of future travel? You already know she loves an adventure so it's a no-brainer. Flights, Airbnbs, Restaurants, oh my! They're all available and just waiting to be used to create more amazing memories. Personalize it with a thoughtful message written in a card to add the cherry on top.


If you know a woman who loves to travel, odds are, she wants gifts that help her travel more and travel easier. Hope these ideas helped you find the perfect present for the special ladies in your life! And if she's looking for ways to pack light & adventure easier (or you want to influence her to stop overpacking when you travel together), let her know about SPLICE clothing

Happy Holiday Shopping!

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