The 12 Travel Styles

The 12 Travel Styles

It's amazing that people can travel to the same destination and rarely ever plan the same exact trip, down to the activities they do, the sites they see, the accommodations they book, the food they eat, and the list goes on.

A recent graduate's backpacking trip to Bangkok, Thailand looks vastly different from a frequent business traveler's trip there. And both of those trips would look totally different from the trip a newlywed couple on their honeymoon would take. That's because they have different travel styles.

The same travel style doesn't always apply to every trip you take. It's common for people to change up their travel style depending on the trip, the occasion, the destination, time of year, etc. Sometimes, two or more styles will even overlap. But it's likely that you'll gravitate towards two or three more than the rest. So what are the different travel styles?

12 types of travel styles

1. Adventure Travel

This style is for travelers who want to get their blood pumping and adrenaline flowing. They go to far off places to experience exciting new things they would not have been able to experience in the environment they are normally in.

2. Relaxation Travel

Finding their zen is a common goal of people who travel to relax. They go to quieter locations, usually by a body of water, to chill out and get away from their everyday life back at home.

3. Romantic Travel

Travelers who ascribe to this style usually travel in pairs with a partial goal of the trip to spend more time together and fall deeper in love. 

4. Solo Travel

In comparison to romantic travel, people that identify as solo travelers are almost always traveling alone, by choice. They find enjoyment in the solitude and the ability to do whatever and go wherever they want whenever they want. 

5. Backpacker Travel

This travel style requires people to travel with a backpack instead of luggage. Backpackers frequently stay in hostels and take part in budget-friendly activities. 

6. Luxury Travel

Fancy hotels, restaurants, and shopping are the name of the game for luxury travelers. They spare no expense when it comes to their trips.

7. Slow Travel

People who travel for long periods of time, staying in one destination for weeks or months at a time before moving on to the next location can be described as slow travelers. 

8. Group Tour Travel

This style is comprised of travelers who would like to visit a new destination, but don't want to do it on their own, or prefer to have a guide accompany them. Group tour travel is pre-planned with usually little flexibility.

9. Intellectual Travel

History, culture, and art buffs are the types of people that would partake in intellectual travel. They travel to learn about the destination they are visiting and its inhabitants.

10. Party Travel

People who travel specifically to party are there to go hard. They like to party back at home and they want to know what partying is like in other places too. 

11. Business Travel

Business travelers are typically traveling out of work necessity instead of leisure. They are frequently meeting with clients and trying to close sales, leaving little time to actually enjoy the destination.

12. Volunteer Travel

People who find the kindness in their heart to take time out of their trip to volunteer and help others. Not to be confused with voluntourism.


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What's your travel style(s)? Let us know in the comments! And share with your friends to figure out if you are compatible travel styles!

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12 Travel Styles

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