Spring Travel Essentials For The Adventurer In You

Spring Travel Essentials For The Adventurer In You

With winter coming to an end, the sun is shining a little bit longer and warmer weather is starting to move in. It's peak weather conditions for Las Vegas where SPLICE clothing is headquartered - not the blistering heat of our summers and not the uncomfortable winds of our winter. It’s the perfect balance for those who seek the thrill of the outdoors. The time spent indoors during 2020 allowed me to gather up a few must-haves for my spring-time adventures. Here’s just a few that I’ll be looking out for during 2021.

For the adventurer that prefers to rough it and experience life in the wild, our partners at Hydaway believe in making the necessities of life as adaptive as our lifestyles. Featuring numerous products that can be easily packed up and tucked away, Hydaway doesn’t believe in wasting space - sort of like us! SPLICE clothing partners with Hydaway to offer two sizes of their Collapsible Water Bottle in a multitude of colors, so there’s something for everyone. Don't let yourself get dehydrated on your Spring adventures! Always pack a full reusuable water bottle to keep single use plastic out of our beautiful outdoor spaces that you're exploring! And what's better than a collapsible, reusable water bottle?

Some people prefer to travel to new cities instead of the wilderness. The concrete jungle and the thrill of seeing a new place is their type of adventure. For these travelers, I would recommend Modern Voyage’s TruPak BackPack for their Spring adventures. The brand’s inspiration for minimalist design shows through with this understated yet utilitarian backpack, it isn’t overloaded with technical straps like most travel bags - instead, it leans towards an everyday look. It doesn’t scream ‘tourist’ and comes with a modular system. Modern Voyage offers a simplistic design yet it doesn’t compromise with any unnecessary elements. Every space of the backpack is sectioned off for specific items like shoes, clothes, and toiletries. Pack your cute Spring sandals, your sunscreen, and your SPLICE clothing all in one carry-on sized backpack with built-in packing cubes!

Say you’re not into backpacking through the city or the wilderness - maybe you're a digital nomad who's content in one spot to work in for a while. This manner of travel means that you might be interested in Gravel Travel’s compact toiletry bag that can help bring the comfort of home anywhere. The Explorer Slim is special in the sense that it was designed to save as much space as possible, all while keeping all your toiletries and travel essentials organized. Although Gravel Travel isn't a Partner brand of SPLICE clothing, I still believe that the product’s innovation and convenience speaks for itself. It's a great place to keep all that allergy medication you'll probably be reaching for as the season starts to change.


No matter what type of adventure you find yourself on this Spring, make sure you are prepared with the right travel essentials for the season! Hydaway’s appeal is saving space and putting more time into adventuring. Modern Voyage simplifies the backpack into a lifestyle that prefers day-to-day travel. Gravel Travel’s design language and focus on utility are necessities on long trips. What essentials do you bring along with you on a Spring-time adventure?

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