Pack Light Gear: The Tube Travel Pillow

Pack Light Gear: The Tube Travel Pillow

Packing light involves more than just versatile travel clothing. It also includes having lightweight and functional gear, accessories, toiletries, and anything else you intend to bring while traveling. In this installment of Packing Light Gear, we're reviewing The Tube - the travel pillow you stuff with clothes.

As a minimalist traveler, you try to avoid bringing anything on a trip that is going to be bulky, inconvenient to carry, or that you'll seldom use. I'm pretty sure the average, everyday travel neck pillow fits all three of these criteria. But a travel pillow is kind of a necessary evil {anything that will make a cramped economy flight more tolerable can be dubbed a basic travel necessity}! But it's also just one more thing that you'll have to schlep around even though you'll most likely only use it in flight.

SPLICE clothing Ashly travel pillow

Old picture of me with said necessary evil.

At least, that's how it used to be before The Tube. The Tube is a super lightweight and convenient travel pillow perfect for any type of traveler. It's a travel pillow that not only cushions your neck or back while transiting, but it also acts as extra storage and packs up into its own pocket when not in use!

Tubular Travel

My Experience with The Tube

I recently went on a weekend roadtrip to San Diego and got to try out The Tube firsthand. I packed my Tube with a few t-shirts, a sweater, leggings, and some undergarments - it works perfectly with a Splice Clothing capsule wardrobe! If I wasn't going to a wedding {see the Sahara Reversible Multi-Way dress in action here}, I'm pretty sure I would have been able to get away with just wearing the Splice Clothing items I had packed in my Tube!

SPLICE clothing Ashly Tube pillow

New picture of me with The Tube travel pillow.

During the drive there, I wore The Tube around my neck when I wasn't co-piloting and was able to take a quick cat nap. It was so comfortable and supportive, and felt just like a normal travel neck pillow {plus the firmness of the pillow is adjustable based on how much or what type of clothing you stuff into it}.

Needless to say, I definitely plan on bringing my Tube on all my future adventures. It's like having an extra bag with you, but this bag supports your neck while sleeping. It would be a great way to bring extra layers of bulky winter clothes to cold destinations, to use to make room in your carry-on for souvenirs, or to house an extra blanket in a van or RV. It's the perfect travel pillow for packing light!

Tubular Travel 

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The Tube Travel Pillow

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