Carry-On Only Basics for Chronic Overpackers

Carry-On Only Basics for Chronic Overpackers

If you're reading this, I'm assuming you've dealt with the anguish that overpacking for a trip brings. Maybe your story goes something like this:

Airline lost your luggage.

Or maybe you can't Tetris everything back in the way you packed it the first time.

Or maybe you missed your connecting flight having to re-check your bag in between.

Or maybe you had to pay the overweight baggage fee that you weren't even aware of when you booked the flight.

Or maybe you got too tired carrying your excessive baggage up the stairs to the fifth floor of your hotel in London that you didn't realized wasn't going to have an elevator.

Any of these sound familiar? A few of them happened to me before I realized how packing light could make the adventure that much easier.

You may not be the type of traveler that packs light enough to fit everything in a carry-on just yet, but by following these easy steps, a first timer on #TeamCarryOnOnly can become a #ProPacker in no time!

1. Research the airline's baggage policy

Every airline is different, so to be sure you stay within their carry-on bag allowance, verify their baggage policy before you start packing. Usually this information will be available when you book your ticket online, but if you didn't catch it the first time, Google the airline or be extra cautious and call their customer service line. And once you find out the size and weight limit - STICK TO IT!

2. Pack the right clothing

You only have so much space in your carry-on only baggage allowance, so use it wisely! Look up what the weather will be like in your destination, find out if there are any cultural rules about what you can wear, and then start crafting your travel capsule wardrobe. The best thing you can do is pack clothing that is really versatile, that you know you feel confident in, and will fit the occasion and your travel style. SPLICE clothing is super versatile for travelers since everything is reversible and multi-functional, giving you more options to what to wear in your tiny carry-on space. You can more than double the outfit combinations you can bring by packing reversible clothing - so you won't even miss your checked bag!

3. Roll, don't fold

There are various ways to pack clothing in your bag, but I find that rolling clothes versus folding them actually makes a load of difference. To make your rolled clothes fit extra efficiently inside your bag, try the Ranger Rolling method as described here. And to make sure your rolled clothes aren't just hanging out loosey goosey in your bag...

4. Use packing cubes

For the new carry-on only packer, packing cubes are going to become your best friend. They allow you to pack and organize your clothes in compact zippered bags that slightly compress everything to better fit in your luggage. Get a few that fit the size of your airline approved carry-on bag, and stuff as much rolled clothes in them as you need for your trip. Be practical - in the end, it will all have to fit into the carry-on.

5. Keep the liquids to a minimum

Although you can bring full sized shampoo bottles in your checked bag, that's a big no no when traveling carry-on only, and not just because they take up so much space and weight. You're allowed only so much liquid in your bag, including but not limited to, makeup, hair products, perfume, etc. The TSA (Transportation Security Administration) currently allows 1 quart-sized, zip-top bag with 3.4 ounce (100ml) bottles of liquids per person. But don't fret! Unless something is very specific, most things you need will be available in some form at your destination.


So do you think you can follow these 5 steps to make your pack game strong? Lugging around baggage is always the worst part of any trip, but you can make it easier on yourself by packing light in just a carry-on.

Who's packing carry-on only for their next trip?!


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Carry-On Only Basics


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