Being a Splice Clothing Intern & What It Meant For Me

Being a Splice Clothing Intern & What It Meant For Me

You're probably wondering why I chose the featured image for this blog post to be about my keyboard. But that's because most of this 3-month long internship revolved around this. I would spend from an hour to the entire day on my computer just doing work for Splice Clothing--and I don't regret it one bit. But in order to tell my story, I'll have to take you back to before I even started here. 

Going through interview after interview, it didn't take long for me to come across a listing on Handshake. This clothing company needed a social media intern to focus on creating advertisements, copy writing, and basically get an inside look into what goes in in a small business. As you probably know, it was Splice Clothing. After a quick interview, Ashly gave me the position and we got started right away. 

I was ecstatic to say the least, I finally landed an internship that was closely aligned to both my own personal interests and within my field of study. For context, I'm a student at the University of Nevada-Las Vegas as a journalism major concentrated within public relations. In addition, I'm admittedly a fashion nerd. I've always been interested in grassroots stories that lead to artisanal fashion labels and the stories that accompany various figureheads within fashion. 

A lot that goes on with operating Splice Clothing is spearheaded by one person, Ashly. She basically deals with everything when it comes to operating your own fashion label. It would make sense why she would need an intern. Splice Clothing is hard work, but it's all worth it because what we accomplished here means more to me than any other internship program I worked with. I got knowledge within an industry that I have been dreaming to know about. And I finally got a chance to put in practice what I've been studying for 3 years. 

Working on various social media managing aspects and advertising ideas, my work at Splice Clothing revolved around doing something new every week. During the 3-month program, I got to learn how to construct advertisements, manage branding, and get a clear look on what it takes to operate your own small businesses. All big projects started somewhere, and just from the short time I've been here at Splice Clothing, I can definitely tell that this is going to be the next best thing. 

But that didn't mean there weren't any roadblocks that I faced during the time I worked here. Operating during a pandemic, there wasn't much hands-on experience or direct learning I could do--it was just impossible. And to add on, there were various health concerns that popped up during these unprecedented times that made it difficult at times to catch up. But I managed to get everything done before deadlines and made sure everything was up to my own standards. 

My duties here revolved around mainly branding. I got to get a better understanding of the Splice Clothing audience and how to cater everything I do to the people who support us. Not only that, but I learned ways to gain more supporters and build up a bigger following of people who truly believe in our brand message. 

Although I didn't really have any first-hand experience at all when it comes to being a social media marketer, this internship really helped me gather a clearer whole idea on what this profession really needs. I basically learned through the weeks on how to properly and effectively practice social media marketing. Although it wasn't easy and at times it felt like a bit much--I never thought of backing down and giving anything that I do with less than 100% effort. 

I didn't join Splice Clothing because I had to, I didn't have a direct obligation to continue working here for 10-14 hours a week. Sure, I was enrolled under the internship program here at my school, but I could've just picked up any easy internship I wanted--but I didn't. Splice Clothing had everything I wanted to do and it helped me become both a better journalist and an even bigger fashion nerd. 

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