8 Reasons You SHOULDN'T Travel With Someone Who Doesn't Carry-On Only

8 Reasons You SHOULDN'T Travel With Someone Who Doesn't Carry-On Only

When deciding if someone is going to be a good match for a travel companion, there is much to be considered. Do you want to visit the same types of destinations? Do you have similar budget thresholds? Are you both available to take off at the same time? But an even more important question to answer than all of the others is if you both have the same travel style

You can match perfectly in all other respects, but if you both don't have the same travel style, then the trip is likely to be filled with disagreements and regret.

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    How you pack for your trip is totally dependent on the type and style of the travel you are planning for. But I think it's safe to say, no matter the style, it is always beneficial to pack light a.k.a. carry-on only.

    But let's be real. Not everyone feels this way. And that's totally okay. HOWEVER, I'm here to dispel any doubts you have about traveling with someone who *gasp* checks a bag. If you're living the good carry-on only life, you have no room in your travel itinerary for someone who doesn't share the same values as you. And here are 8 reasons why:

    1. You'll be waiting at the baggage carousel with them for what seems like forever.

    Which totally sucks after a long flight when you want to either a) start exploring your destination right away, b) go home and start adjusting to being back to real life again, or c) go to sleep.

    2. You'll have to help them tout their excessive luggage around.

    Totally inconvenient and unfair considering you planned ahead and packed accordingly so you could avoid this exact thing. You begrudgingly help just so you can get where you're going faster. 

    3. They will take at least twice as long as you will to pack.

    Not a big deal before you leave, but while you are traveling, especially if you are frequently moving from place to place, all the extra time spent re-packing will start to add up.

    4. And at least three times as long as you will to decide what to wear everyday.

    TOO. MANY. OPTIONS. Rein them in before they start filming a try-on haul style video in your Airbnb's bathroom mirror.

    5. They will want to go back to the room to change into their next outfit so they can wear everything they brought.

    Because you know, after all they went through to bring so much stuff, it's only worth it if they wore every single thing. That potentially means multiple wardrobe changes a day.

    6. They will probably pack impractical shoes and then complain about it to you all day.

    Constant complaining on a trip (especially about avoidable things) is definitely capable of ruining friendships and relationships. Maybe remind them to make room for practical shoes before leaving?

    7. They will be less likely to walk anywhere with their bag(s) meaning more expensive ride shares for a short distance.

    When they can't easy walk anywhere with all their baggage in tow, you'll have no other option but to climb in the car with them and they'll still probably expect you to split the fare. So not cool.

    8. They won’t be able to check in online and head straight to security ever.

    Oh the agony of having to waste more time by waiting in another line at the airport. 


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