7 Adventure Affirmations to Start Your Trip Off Right

7 Adventure Affirmations to Start Your Trip Off Right

Want to ward off the bad vibes and welcome only positive energy to join you on your upcoming adventure? Why not try adding some adventure affirmations to your travel prep routine?

An affirmation is a positive statement that affirms something to be true and helps you overcome self-sabotaging, negative thoughts. When spoken with conviction, you start to believe they're true, altering your thoughts, emotions, and behavior. Affirmations are a really powerful way to gain control of your thoughts and make positive changes. They benefit people in many different aspects of life such as health and finances, so why not apply them to travel too - especially in today's world of pandemic health scares, social distancing measures, COVID tests and entry requirements, and the dreaded cancellations and trip interruptions?

But how could thinking positive thoughts actually help you adventure easy? 

Repeating affirmations can help boost your motivation and confidence and they can help you get through stressful moments while traveling. Combating negative thoughts and affirming positive ones can keep you at ease throughout your vacation no matter what unexpected circumstances come your way.

Unfortunately, there is always potential for things to not go as planned while traversing the globe (i.e. delayed flights, missing dinner reservations, overbooked attractions, etc.). When you are able to focus on getting through the rough patches and enjoying whatever circumstances comes your way, you will be at peace and be able to overcome any minor inconveniences that come your way. Shift your mindset a little and you're guaranteed to find joy in whatever the world has in store for you. 

Here are 7 Adventure Affirmations you can use to start your trip off right:

1. I am grateful to be able to explore the world.

2. I will not stress out over things outside my control.

3. I release my fears so I can fully enjoy my journey.

4. I travel safely and confidently to each exciting destination.

5. New countries embrace me with open arms.

6. I have everything that I need to enjoy my trip to the fullest.

7. I am prepared and protected as I accept and welcome all experiences.


Do you have any specific affirmations you use before taking off on a trip? Feel free to share them below!

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