6 Tips to Fight Jet Lag So You Can Get the Most out of Your Adventure

6 Tips to Fight Jet Lag So You Can Get the Most out of Your Adventure

There are very few things that can get your trip off to a rockier start than having jet lag. Jet lag is defined as a temporary sleep problem that can affect someone who quickly travels across multiple time zones. Your body's internal clock is still synced to your original time zone instead of the one you just landed in and it causes you to feel fatigued, moody, or even sick.

One worse thing than jet lag would be the airline losing your baggage, but you already solved that problem by packing carry-on only with SPLICE clothing right? So anyway, jet lag can be a total trip ruiner if you don't get it under control ASAP after you land in your destination. 

So how do you fight jet lag so you can get the most out of your adventure? Here are 6 tips:

Rest Up Before You Take Off

If you'll be jumping to a new time zone, don't start off your trip sleep-deprived.

Start gradually adjusting your sleep schedule before you leave by going to bed a little earlier if you're traveling east or a little later if you're traveling west each night for a week before you take off.

Try to Sleep on the Plane

If you're flying when it's nighttime at your destination, then try sleeping on the plane to continue syncing to this new time zone.

And bring whatever you need with you in your carry-on or personal item to make this awkward sleep more comfortable for you, like earplugs, headphones, an eye mask and a travel pillow like the Tube Travel Pillow.

Stay Hydrated

This goes without saying for any flight, but especially for long-haul flights, make sure you're drinking plenty of water before, during, and after the flight. Being dehydrated can actually make jet lag symptoms (like fatigue and moodiness) even worse!

Carry an empty water bottle, like the Hydaway Collapsible Bottle, through airport security and fill it up once you're at your terminal.

Stay away from alcohol and caffeine which with not only dehydrate you, but keep you awake if you're supposed to be trying to sleep on this flight.

Don't Sleep During the Day

Once you arrive in your destination, you might be tempted to take a nap during the day if you're still tired, but try your hardest not to!

Succumbing to a daytime nap could make it harder to sleep later on when its nighttime in your new destination, and the longer you take to sync to this new schedule, the harder it will be. You might hit the hay earlier in the local time than you would at home, but as long as it's at night, you'll gradually adjust just fine.

Get Some Natural Light

If it's daytime when you land and you find yourself tired and ready to nap, even though you know you shouldn't, go outside and get some natural light.

Exposing yourself to natural light will help regulate your body's internal clock. You'll feel more awake and be able to function easier if you can get out and soak in some sunshine. It natural wakes your body up and reduces the release of melatonin hormones, which brings me to my next point... 

Use Melatonin

Melatonin is a hormone your body naturally makes to trigger sleepiness. If you don't think any of the above methods will work effectively to help fight jet lag, consider taking a melatonin supplement when it's nighttime in your new location.

The melatonin supplement will help make you sleepy even if your body's internal clock hasn't adjusted to the new sleep schedule yet.

Use caution when taking melatonin and make sure to consult your doctor with any questions or concerns before starting this supplement.


Don't let jet lag ruin the first few days of your trip! Plan ahead, start syncing to your new time zone early, and stay awake in the daytime when you land! You'll thank yourself later for being able to make the most out of your adventure!

Do you have anything special you do to fight off jet lag? Let us know in the comments!


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 6 Tips to Fight Jet Lag

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