3 Ways To Stay Healthy While Traveling

3 Ways To Stay Healthy While Traveling

As touched upon in Ashly’s Top Travel Hacks for 2021, the idea of staying safe while traveling is an important subject to tackle. Everyone traveling, especially during the time of this pandemic, should be focused on minimizing all risks of disease transmission. Here are ways to keep your health (and other's) in tip top shape and at top of mind:

1. Be considerate of others

It’s a no-brainer that you should not think of traveling if you feel sick and even if you don’t - it’s important to get tested before and after you travel. Continuing the health tips the Center for Disease Control has been sharing is a must. This means hand washing, sanitizing, avoiding contact with vulnerable parts of your face, and remembering to be thoughtful of others during your travels. 

2. Face masks are a must

Most people have already adjusted to life under a face mask, but this lifestyle change still continues even when you leave your city. The U.S. has a considerably high amount of COVID-19 cases currently and it would mean a lot to everyone if you still kept your mask on. 

3. Do your homework

It’s always important to be informed about the safety precautions and conditions of the place you’re visiting. Whether it be COVID-19 cases, current safety standards, or the health environment, you should always do your own research. It’s not just if your destination is open for travel, it’s if you’re comfortable with the conditions upon arrival. Some countries like South Korea and Thailand have a mandatory 14-week quarantine. Make sure you look into this prior to booking any travel and stay updated as requirements could change at any moment before you take off.


Remember to chase excitement safely. This past year has been stressful for everyone, and for those who choose to live a life seeking adventure and excitement, it’s tough as well. But with positivity headed towards this year and bettering conditions, it’s become normalized to keep safety at a priority. Even with multiple health standards set, there’s still some risk when you travel. But this shouldn’t deter you from finding joy from what you love, but it’s always smart to consider the potential risks. 


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 3 Ways to Stay Healthy While Traveling

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