5 Sneaky Ways to Pack More

5 Sneaky Ways to Pack More

So maybe you're already a pack light aficionado and you're committed to the carry-on only lifestyle. But on occasion, you want or need to pack a few more things that you just can't cram into your carry-on or personal item. What's a traveler to do?

We've compiled a list of 5 sneaky ways to pack more so you can fit those last few essentials in!

1. Tube Travel Pillow

Is it a pillow or is it an extra personal item? Well to the airlines, it's a travel pillow so it's not counted as a bag. This is great news for you! Plus it's a multi-functional item that is perfect for getting comfortable on a long flight, roadtrip, or train ride AND for storing those last few things you couldn't fit into your other bags. Nothing is better than multi-faceted functionality while traveling! They're great for packing SPLICE clothing too!

2. Infinity Scarf with Hidden Pocket

This is another super cool product with multiple functions. One second it's a stylish accessory that's cute and keeps you warm and cozy, and the next second it's a hiding spot to stash your lightweight valuables like cash, cards, and passport. No one has to know if you stashed a bit more in there though - extra socks, underwear, tank tops. Your secret's safe with us!

3. Extra Clothing Layers

Add a few more layers of clothing, like extra t-shirts or double up on jackets or leggings under your pants. This isn't ideal but it'll at least get you through check-in and security. Once you're waiting at your gate, shed some layers and drape or tie them to your bag or stuff it in a duty-free purchase bag to be really sneaky.

4. Stuff Your Shoes

If you're packing extra shoes in your bag, particularly if they're enclosed shoes like sneakers or boots (this won't work with sandals, drat!), then stuff some things inside the shoes to clear up some room in your bag. Some essentials that are perfect for packing in your shoes are: socks, travel sized toiletries, scarves, etc. If you're a little skeeved out by the idea, just line your shoes with a plastic bag prior to stuffing them.

5. Carry on a Coat

Going somewhere warm? There's no rules that say you can't bring a coat to your destination. Coats usually have larger pockets than other items of clothing so you can stuff the pockets to your hearts content. Plus, airplanes and airports are normally cold so it's best to be prepared. And one last thing, don't say you got this from me, but I have hidden a bag of snacks beneath my coat before when walking on an airplane. Just sayin.


Are there any other sneaky ways to pack more for a trip? We'd love to hear your ideas so please share them in the comments!

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 5 Sneaky Ways to Pack More

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