10 Tips to Help You Avoid Overpacking

10 Tips to Help You Avoid Overpacking

Overpacking is the death of some travelers. It can cost time, money, and cause unnecessary frustration, and for what - a few extra items that you're not even sure you're going to use anyway? If you needed a final push to convert to #teamcarryonly, consider this it! Here are a few tips to help you avoid overpacking and make it to your destination with only what you need:

1. Pack ahead of time

Don't wait until the last minute to throw a bunch of "maybes" into your bag. Pre-plan your outfits based on the types of activities you're planning on doing (ex. swimming, walking, fancy dinners, etc.). If you aren't exactly sure, make sure to bring some clothes that are versatile enough to wear for different types of activities.

2. Check the weather

Take a minute before you leave to find out what sort of weather you can expect when you arrive. If you already have an idea of what the weather will be like, you won't need to stock your luggage full of clothes for all seasons. Only bring items that will be appropriate for the weather you expect.

3. Take clothes that mix and match well

Choose a color scheme and stick to it. When everything coordinates together without even having to think, you'll need a lot less. You can even take it a step further and create your own travel capsule wardrobe that you always take no matter where the destination.

4. Buy clothes that have 2 or more looks in 1

Some clothes can pull off multiple different looks, especially if they are reversible or convertible. SPLICE clothing's debut collection launching in early 2020 includes 12 pieces that can all be worn in 2 or more different ways, meaning you can pack light and still have plenty of different outfit options.

5. Only bring practical shoes you know you will wear

Shoes are one of the items that take up the most space in your bag, so limit them to only the essentials. Bring shoes that are appropriate for your activities, the weather, and that match with all your planned outfits. Try to limit your shoes to 3 pairs maximum.

6. Plan to do laundry

If your schedule allows it and your accommodation provides it or has a laundromat nearby, definitely plan to do some laundry while traveling. If you can manage to wash your clothes, wearing the same few things you brought in your carry-on won't be a big deal. 

7. Use packing cubes

Packing cubes will compress all your clothes smaller and they are a simple way to keep all your clothing organized, so getting ready and packing back up are easy since you already know where everything is. 

8. Bring travel-size toiletries

Travel sizes will save a lot of room in your luggage. You can either stock up on hotel toiletries, buy the travel sizes in store, or purchase small toiletry container sets and fill them with your products from home. 

9.  Allow yourself only a carry-on sized bag

When you put a hard limit on yourself, you'll have no option but to figure out how to get everything you want to pack in just the one bag. Do some research on various brands and types of carry-on baggage to figure out which one will best suit you and your carry-on packing needs.

10. Know you can buy anything you forget when you get there

There are very few instances where you will forget something absolutely imperative that you just can't find in your chosen destination. Give yourself (and your back) a break by only packing what you need and letting yourself buy anything else when you arrive.


There you have it! Those are 10 tips to help you avoid overpacking. By following these tips, you can leave your worries behind that you're missing something by traveling carry-on only and enjoy your trip, make amazing memories, and adventure easy.


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 10 tips to help you avoid overpacking

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