10 Creative Ways to Document Your Travels

10 Creative Ways to Document Your Travels

Nowadays when we travel, it's not just about the stories we get to share about our experiences or the memories stored in our brain to be recalled on at a later date. It's also about documenting our trips in various ways to share with others and to enhance our own memories for years to come.

We all travel with smart phones that have the ability to take tons of amazing pictures on their own, but have you ever wanted to be able to reminisce over your trips in other ways?

Luckily, there are so many mediums we can use to creatively document our travels. Here are a few ideas you may not have thought of:

1. Postcards

Send yourself (or others) a postcard from every destination you travel to. It's a fun, easy, and cheap way to keep track of everywhere you've been, plus document your memories of the place in real time to read again later.

2. Videos

Use your smart phone to record videos while on a trip. Then compile all those videos when you return home for an even more authentic look back at the trip itself. Wanna go one step further? Lip-sync the words to a song on camera and then edit it into a super cool travel music video like this video from my first trip to Thailand ⤵️


3. Travel Blog

Do you love writing and sharing your tips, tricks, and experiences with others? A travel blog might be a great way to document what you did, where you went, what you saw, and what you ate. And who knows, you might be able to make a little cash with this option too!

4. Magnets

The perfect tiny 'pack light' souvenir you can get in nearly any destination without fail - a magnet! Decorate your fridge or other metallic surface that you glance at daily to be reminded of all the amazing places you've had the opportunity to visit! 


5. Scrapbook

Get out the glue, stamps, scissors, and pretty paper and put those photos to good use by printing them out and scrapbooking them altogether. Create one big book to show off all your travels or create different ones for each trip. Extra credit if you save ticket stubs and pamphlets from the trip to add to the pages.

6. Exotic Spices

Bring the smell and taste of the country home with you by bringing back some of the spices and new recipes you've just discovered. Spend an afternoon learning how to cook a traditional recipe and enjoy the food and the memories this brings back. Don't forget to share!

7. Photo Collage Blankets

Cuddle up with your favorite travel memories and have sweet dreams taking you back every night by getting a blanket printed with a collage of your favorite travel photos. These also make a great gift to help someone commemorate an epic adventure they went on.

8. Starbucks Mugs

Collect these popular mugs all around the world from one of the biggest coffee chains ever - Starbucks. If you're planning to stop in for a cup of coffee, check out their collection of products and souvenirs to see if you can snag one to enjoy your coffee out of at home daily.

9. Travel Journal

Maybe you love writing and recalling your favorite memories but don't want to share them with the world regularly in a public online travel blog - a travel journal or travel diary might be just the thing for you. Write about the sights and sounds of your destination while you're there, when you're on the way home, or after you get back, the choice is yours.

10. Shot Glasses

 There's nothing new about this classic souvenir, but it sure is a fun way to remember your travels while partaking in a night of drinking. You can display them in a fun way near your bar cart to show off all the places you've traveled. The more you have, the more likely they're bound to be a great conversation starter among your party guests.


Do you have a creative way you like to document your travels? Share them in the comments below! I'm a magnet collector myself!


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 10 Creative Ways to Document Your Travels

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