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Travel Neck pillows are great, but let's face it – they are inconvenient to carry, hard to wash, and often pricey!

The Flight Fillow is the first of its kind allowing you to easily turn any sweater, hoodie, or jacket into a neck pillow giving you all of the benefits of the standard neck pillow without any of the hassle: 

– Fits in your pocket

- Adjusts to your own comfort 

– Use your own sweater, hoodie, or jacket 

– Machine washable 

Size: When laid out flat, this Flight Fillow is 6 inches in width and 12 inches in length. However, it seamlessly folds up to be smaller than a deck of cards to fit into your pocket for easy transportation! 

Material: This Flight Fillow is made from a soft and stretchy athletic wear type fabric that feels soft against your face and stretches to easily fit any sweater. If you're looking for specifics, it is 85% polyester and 15% spandex. 

Wash: Machine wash with the rest of your like-color clothes and dry on low to medium heat. 

Adjusts to your own comfort: the type of garment you use will determine the thickness of the neck pillow/support. If you prefer a thinner neck pillow, use a thinner sweater. If you prefer a thicker neck pillow, use a thicker hoodie. 

The standard bulky neck pillow can range from 10-14 inches in thickness depending on which one you purchase. The Flight Fillow can be 10-14 inches thick, depending on which garment you use. One Flight Fillow gives you multiple comfort levels.

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