Empire Reversible Bra Top

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  • Reversible from black to cityscape print
  • Reversible from v-neck to round neck
  • Quick drying
  • Moisture wicking
  • Fabric Content: 39% Nylon + 36% Polyester + 25% Spandex
  • Weighs 3.3-8 ounces


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A must have for any active adventure, this reversible bra top can replace 4 sports bras you were previously packing! It features both a round neck and v-neck design that can be worn in the front and can be reversed between a classic black and a New York City inspired cityscape print.

Mix and match with the Empire Reversible Leggings for a full activewear look or wear it underneath any top for the support you need while traveling.

Wear it 4 Ways:

  1. Cityscape round neck
  2. Cityscape v-neck
  3. Black round neck
  4. Black v-neck

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Kesha Dee
4 in 1

I am a woman who doesn’t own nor do I wear a bra as often as I should. When it came to this reversible bra top, I couldn’t believe the support it gave me along with the comfort. When I say it has given my girls a lift and squeeze, It did just that. I am so obsessed with the design as well as the support. Typical bra tops don’t give you the feel of a good sports bra but this does both. It has the style of a bra top and support of a sports bra. It keeps my girls in place while running and playing and it’s super adorable. I’m digging the feel of it all. Let’s not forget it’s also reversible!! Who wouldn’t want their favorite top to have 4 ways to style. All the more reasons to wear it again and again and again. The v neck isn’t to low and the round neck isn’t to tight. Enough space to add accessories and the material is truly high quality. Once you put in on you will not want to take it off. I can lounge in it, sleep in it and travel in it. I plan to dress it up as well. It’s doable. I can’t get over how durable it is and I’m sure it’s wrinkle free as well. I can’t say I’ve seen it wrinkle and that for me is something to rave about. Once again I am O B S E S S E D and once you purchase yours, I’m sure you’ll be just as excited and obsessed as me.

Tara Randolph
Great bra

This bra top is so comfy and cute either on its own or under the Snap Up Shirt. It's quickly become my new go-to for hiking, low impact workouts, and yoga. I wear a 34DDD and the medium fits me well, but I prefer wearing the high-neck in front when I am not wearing a top over it.

Halle Homel
It fits so well!!

I’m usually a weird bra size, so I’m never sure if sports bras will fit me properly. This one fits like a GLOVE and I love that it can go four ways!

Lynn Rys
The style is so fun!! I love the v neck part and the full coverage part

So soft, so cute, and cool design! I never find a crop top/bra top that fits my body so well like this one does :)

Robin Sampaga
So soft. I could live in this....

I love my Empire Reversible Bra Top. The colors are much more distinctive than is visible virtually. They are fun and beautiful. These are so soft on the body and easy to move in. I thought with the layers this would be too warm but I live in the high desert and love the comfort both how warm and cool at the right times. I was worried that the softness would make these less durable but I tripped over a rock on a hike in the mountains and there is no hole- no mark at all in the leggings so I expect the top to be just as durable! This will be great for layering, also. I will purchase more as gifts. These are so easy to wear!

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